Highlights and Updates:

Ep. Keanu Reeves / Paula Abdul Music Video appearance
Ep. Diane Lane / Team Bens or Team Mins Unfaithful
Ep. Clint Eastwood / Unforgiven
Ep. Chris Farley / Tommy Boy
Ep. Charlize Theron / Aeon Flux Feet Hands
Ep. Halle Berry / The Program - Lattimer Starting Defense
Ep. Bill Paxton / Fish Heads Music Video
Ep. Anna Kendrick / Anna being Anna
Ep. Michelle Pfeiffer / Gangsta's Paradise
Ep. John Candy / Heavy Metal Trailer
Ep. Rose Byrne / Team Bens or Mins for Insidious
Ep. Angelina Jolie / Meatloaf Rock and Roll Dreams
Ep. William Fichtner / The Best a Man Can Get
Ep. Michael J. Fox / Teen Wolf Penis Flasher?
Ep. Halle Berry / Sesame Street Nibble
Ep. James Cameron / Piranha II: The Spawning
Ep. Reese Witherspoon / Arrest Video
Ep. Chris Farley / Matt Foley SNL
Ep. Tim Curry / Best of IT
Ep. Kurt Russell / Death Proof Trailer
Ep. Sean Connery / Slapping a Woman
Ep. Zoe Saldana / Bear Sex Scene
Ep. Sam Rockwell / Ninja Turtles Regular or Menthol
Ep. Demi Moore / Ghost Trailer
Ep. Scarlett Johansson / Timberlake Music Video
Ep. Paul Rudd / LIp Sync Dont Stop Me Now
Ep. Bonus / White Squall Trailer
Ep. Emily Blunt / The Rude Interview
Ep. Charlie Sheen / Winning Interview